Monday, 7 July 2014

Beginning Boutique Bloggers Brekky!

Last wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Beginning Boutique Bloggers Breakfast! I knew it would be a success as it just so happened to be at my all time favourite breakfast place, the Gun Shop. 

The girls from Beginning Boutique spoilt us rotten with the sweetest set up and goodie bags filled with all sorts of treats.

Met some amazing people, other Brisbane Fashion Bloggers just like myself! And learnt so much about all these ladies. Was green with envy to find out Sarah from Beginning Boutique is set to meet Sophia Amoruso this week in LA!!!!
Greer and Chloe from the BB team, loved meeting you and catching up with you! So jealous of the amazing team at Beginning  Boutique, would be such an amazing place to work. 
Yum Dukkah eggs!

Was so lucky to finally meet all these amazing people, special thanks to Sarah, Chloe and Greer from Beginning Boutique for putting this all together and making us feel so at home! Cant wait until the next bloggers brekky, no wonder Beginning Boutique is the raddest online boutique. 

Lots of Love 
StyleMarket x

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