Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Travel Diary: The Yacht Week, Croatia

The Yacht Week. WOW what a week. I don't even know where to begin with this post, because I just feel like there is SO much to write, I guess that is probably why I have been putting it off for so long. Before the week began, we spent two nights in Croatia (Picture 9 girls squeezed into a 2 bedroom apartment, explanation to follow in my next post) we ran into two Brisbane boys, who had just finished up Yacht Week, tired and exhausted we asked them what we were to expect for the coming week. "Firstly, Yacht week is the best and the worst week of your life, Secondly you will all most DEFINITELY get sick and thirdly, you will get no more than 15 hours sleep...for the week". Shocked, I love my eight hours sleep, I couldn't quite fathom how I could survive the week on this little sleep. But, it turns out the boys were right, and most of all Yacht Week was the best week of my life. 
The Yacht week is totally a foreign concept until you experience it yourself. I couldn't quite grasp the fact that we would be on water for three days without touching land. Day one, which was probably my favorite and most memorable day of the trip, we sailed the whole day, unfortunately sea sickness got the better of someone of us.. (Little tip, if you have never sailed for a long period of time, don't think that sea sickness is for the weak, it WILL happen to you, and it is terrible). We then moored our boat (All 30 boats were tied in a row, which made it easy to jump from one boat to another) just a little out from the first island. We spent the rest of the afternoon floating about on pool toys, meeting the rest of yachts and sippin' on ciders. When night fell, we got ready to head into the island, where the Yacht Week had organized a private party/club for the night. 

Day 3, 4 and 5 were much the same. We spent the days sailing, swimming and visiting caves. Miki and Amy were brave enough to do one of the cliff jumps above the Green Grotto...The rest of us kept two feet on dry land while we cheered them on. 
The last supper! This was the last dinner of the week, as you can see we are all looking a little sunkissed! (Guilty, I stuck to fake tanning..) This was great to relax and unwind on dry land before our big last night on the Yacht Week! 
If you haven't already, put it on the Bucket List to do Yacht Week, one day we might have our own Yachts, but now is the time to do it the 20-something way, with one big party! 
Thanks for stopping in guys, lots of love xxx 

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