Wednesday, 25 May 2016


 Photography by Nick Azar
Dress: Glassons | Shoes: Tony Bianco | Hat: Fallen Broken Street | Watch: CLUSE | Bag: Olga Berg. | Necklace: Thomas Sabo
The two things I struggle with are; overpacking and being on time...The hardest parts of Fashion Week Australia is definitely the packing and the being on time. Most importantly, what to take, what to wear and how much to bring, it sounds silly but sometimes too many choices is not a good option. Then there are all the finer details.. like the sunglasses, watches and jewellery. If you know me, or you follow me on Instagram you'll know my inherent obsession for watches, not a day goes by when I am no wearing one! The decision for which watch to pack for the week was definitely a big one. I didn't want to limit my options by taking a black one, so  I decided to take my new CLUSE watch, mainly because I think its definitely the most versatile and haven't had the opportunity to wear it/show it off too much lately. It reall was the perfect choice as it can be easily dressed up or worn with a cute casual outfit.

I recently discovered the Amsterdam based brand CLUSE watches  and was blown away with their sophisticated and simple designs. I have already worn my watch to death, and am so impressed with the quality and the detail of it!

Funnily enough, I had been chasing the perfect gold mesh watch for quite some time. But every watch I found was either too big or too expensive. I was over the moon when I found this baby, I love how it has a dark face, I don't have any timepieces like it! (Shop the watch here!). But the best part of this watch by far is the adjustable strap. I don't know about you guys, but the excitement of getting a new watch is all too much for me, I am literally that little girl who waits by the letter box, refreshing the Aus Post tracking number.  In my opinion, the only downfall of getting a new watch is when you have to go to the effort of getting links taken out (& money!) or having it made smaller, I was so amazed that my CLUSE watch could be adjusted to any size, (By none other than myself..) no watch repairer needed!!
I have so many other CLUSE watches on my wish list, I cannot wait to be the proud owner of a rose gold one soon! Check out their amazing collection, literally every colour and style you could think of and such great value! Shop the collection here!
I wore this more casual look to the Bianca Spender & Jennifer Kate shows that were later in the afternoon. on the Tuesday. (See my Instagram for the incredible location of the Jennifer Kate show!) I felt slightly underdressed, but I was exhausted and just wanted to be comfortable! I ended up wearing the watch literally the entire time I was at Fashion week, just because it goes with absolutely everything, but I thought I would photograph it with this cute new dress I ordered from Glassons, I just love how well it fits. Its super cute and affordable, it might not be a piece I will have forever but I feel like I'll be able to live in it this Autumn and I think its the perfect dress to take to NYC & LA in July. I added some jewellery and of course some statement flatforms to complete the look.
 Big thanks to CLUSE for having me on time and completing my look last week at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Thanks for stopping in guys! 
Issy xxx 

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